Air Source Heat Pumps in Worksop

Air Source Heat Pumps

As fully qualified, renewable energy specialists in Worksop, Abbey Heating Limited install, maintain and repair Air Source Heat Pumps for customers throughout the Worksop, Doncaster, Rotherham, Retford, Lincoln and Sheffield areas. Put simply. ASHPs are Safe, Efficient and SAVE YOU MONEY.

What we do

Our renewable energy specialists usually take between one and 3 days to professionally install your New Air Source Heat Pump. Air Source Heat Pumps are most commonly located outside the home (so we’ll just need to ensure you have the space and a suitable place for it to be kept).

Being extremely effective and much more energy efficient than traditional gas or oil powered boilers, through regular maintenance and annual checks, our engineers ensure your heat pump will last longer and work as efficiently as possible for many years to come (even when the weather outside is cloudy, dull or cold).

The Benefits

Save Money and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. Air Source Heat Pumps are an economical, low carbon heating system that uses ambient air to heat up your home. Installing an air source heat pump is the environmentally friendly way to heat your property and reduce your carbon footprint, whilst saving you money on your energy bills.

Considered to be the most efficient and cost effective heating solution on the market, Air Source Heat Pumps are: EASY TO INSTALL & IDEAL TO USE IN COMBINATION WITH RADIATORS, UNDERFLOOR HEATING AND HOT WATER. The best part is, there’s no planning permission required either!


Receive up to £7,500 towards your Air Source Heat Pump through Government Backed Funding!

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) supports the decarbonisation of heat in buildings. It provides upfront capital grants to encourage and support the uptake of low-carbon heating systems such as for the installation of Air Source Heat Pumps in England & Wales.

Boiler Upgrade Scheme Funding for your ASHP

Under the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, you could get a grant to cover part of the cost of replacing your fossil fuel heating system (includes: oil, gas or electric style boiler) with a new Air Source Heat Pump installation!

Air Source Heat Pumps - Energy Efficient Home Heating & Hot Water

Energy Efficient
Home Heating & Hot Water

Abbey Heating Limited provide an experienced renewable heating team to supply, install and maintain air source heat pumps to domestic customers throughout the Worksop areas. From an initial survey we undertake all aspects of heat pump installations whilst also providing top notch maintenance and repair services. We can retro-fit air source heat pumps to existing properties and install on new builds, making us your number 1 choice in Worksop.

Call Abbey Heating Limited to discuss the possibility of an air source heat pump installation at your property please contact us via the Contact Form. We will be in touch to discuss options and answer any question you may have.

Installing an Air Source Heat Pump

ASHP info graphic displaying the Compressor and Expansion Valve

How Heat Pumps Work

Simple, but very effective – heat absorbed from the air into a fluid, travels through a looped system of pipes, increasing the temperature until it turns into a gas. This gas is then compressed to create heat which is then transferred to water through a heat exchanger to provide central heating and hot water.

Diagram to show how Air Source Heat Pumps work